Sarah grew up in an environment filled with music and fell in love with singing at an early age. A woman of remarkable talent, Sarah has a natural aptitude and appreciation for folk music and sings in a variety of languages including French, Breton, Spanish and both Irish and Scots Gaelic. Her love of music and storytelling is evident in her performance and her voice has been described by both critics and audiences as breathtaking, crystal clear, angelic, beautiful and enchanting.

Sarah made her debut in Irish music in January of 2003 as the lead vocalist for Austin "pan-Celtic" band Poor Man's Fortune and began her solo career a few months later.
Since then, Sarah has performed with some of Texas' most respected Celtic and Folk musicians, released her debut CD, "From the Ashes" and added children's music shows to her regular performance schedule. Sarah's voice has received much critical acclaim and she and her band have rapidly become a highly respected ensemble on the Texas music scene.